Kinsmen Club of Edmonton presents Soundtrack Music Festival


Soundtrack Music Festival Volume 2.0 was a SOLD OUT SHOW and a great success because of all of you that came and all of our amazing partners involved in putting it together. Stay tuned on our social medias for photos, videos and other announcements to come soon!

All festival proceeds go directly to the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton and support local Edmonton charities.

Kinsmen Club of Edmonton

Since its inception in 1925, the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton has provided millions of dollars to numerous local and national charities. The festival aims to become a flagship donation generator for the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton and would aid in enhancing the well being of Edmontonians.

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Soundtrack Music Festival


Music’s impact on memory is called The Mozart Effect. Research has shown that ALL music (not just classical) with 60 beats per minute, simultaneously activates the left and right hemispheres of the brain which, in turn, maximizes learning and the retention of information. What’s on your soundtrack?

  • Kinsmen Club of Edmonton
  • Trixstar - Live Event Management & Consultation
  • KidSport
  • Alberta Foundation For The Arts
  • Molson Coors
  • Jim Beam
  • Blackfly Beverages
  • Central Social Hall
  • River Cree Resort and Casino
  • Lipstick Empire
  • Chateau Lacombe Hotel
  • Urban Metropolis - Harman B
  • Hot 107
  • Kiss 91.7
  • 92.5 The Chuck
  • Virgin Radio Edmonton
  • Virgin Radio Calgary
  • Star Metro Edmonton
  • Arrkann RV
  • Airways
  • Boston Pizza
  • Oodle Noodle
  • Pepsi
  • Orange Theory Fitness
  • Edmonton International Airport
  • Urban Tavern